Categories & Fees

Membership categories & costs:

Membership Year period  is annual, 12  months membership starts from the date of joining. Membership fees are due and payable in full on joining and at the start of each renewal membership period. Membership fees include administration and affiliation fees.

Annual Fees, there are 4 different categories of membership as follows:

•    Full Golf $840 (Mon-Sun)

•    6 Day Golf $740, can play Mon-Sat (not Sundays)  can play on Sundays if green fees are paid.

•    Weekday Golf $640,  can still play on weekends but green fees apply.

•    Young Adult (18 – 20 Yrs) $395 (Proof of age required)

•   Junior (16 – 17 yrs) $150 (Proof of Age required)

•   Junior Golf (Under 16) $125 (Proof of Age required)

•   Currently no nomination fees, late membership renewals incur re-joining fees